Monday, December 20, 2010

A Little bit of Norman Rockwell...

Nana made Ava a gingerbread house with one of those little box kits.  I have done those things twice.  The first time was back in 03 when my Mammaw was sick and my cousin Heather and I went to stay at her house for a week before Christmas.  We were successful with the gingerbread house meaning it stood...haha but it was way harder than we imagined it to be.  Then a few years ago Kate and I did one and it turned out a little better because I had done it once before.  However both times because two people were doing them we ended up with two mismatched sides.  Guess we forgot to sync our brains first.  I wish I had pictures to compare but really it would probably just prove to be embarrassing against Nan's work of art. 

She somehow took a box of gingerbread supplies and made it look like this...

I still need to take pictures of our tree and little Christmas village but here are some pictures of my Mom's tree and decorations.  Oh and I need to take a picture of the outside of my Mom's.  We helped her decorate the outside which we haven't done since we moved back in...yikes...1999.  Growing up we always decorated the outside of our house but we just never decorated the new house...not really sure why. 

Anyways it looks really good so I'll have to get a picture this week because in two weeks the lights will be gone.  How did that happen already....I hate that school made Christmas get here way too quickly.  Now if only my grades would get posted so I can breath easy and enjoy my break.

There is something truly magical about Christmas decorations.  It's like once a year no matter who we are or where we live we get to add a bit of Norman Rockwell into our lives.  Now this week just needs to SLOW DOWN just a little so I can enjoy it.  Yesterday I baked our sugar cookies (I finally think I found the perfect sugar cookie recipe after about 10 years of searching) and tomorrow night we will be sitting down as a family to decorate them.  More to come on that later this week :)

I am also looking forward to Christmas Day but not just because it's Christmas day.  This year Aaron and I decided to stay home (gasp...I know).  Normally we try to go to where ever my family is hosting then off to his Aunts all in the same day and it really is just too stressful.  I have ALWAYS wanted to stay home and just watch Christmas movies and enjoy the day so this year that will happen.  With school just ending and Aaron adjusting back to day work it seemed like the perfect year to just stay home.  I will be making pies and dinner for us and doing as much as possible in the days before Christmas so I don't have to do much on Christmas day.  I doubt this will be the new tradition as I doubt our families will put up with that but for this year it will be a welcomed change.

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