Friday, March 18, 2011

Where did your socks go?

Everytime I turn around my child has removed her socks.  It doesn't matter how cold it is she just doesn't like her feet to be covered.  The only way she doesn't remove the socks is if she has shoes with laces on.  However when she says Mommy shoes off please how can I say no plus it's always followed by a Thanks, that.

Luckily the weather is starting to warm up and she won't have to wear socks for much longer.  Warmer weather and more moisture in the air will hopefully mean she will also not have to deal with such itchy skin and her curls will be bouncier.  As much as I actually like cooler temperatures and hate the humidity my child was designed for it.

She took her socks off and told me she had stinky feet.  They weren't stinky but she sure got them dirty.  I don't think she cared.

I also attempted to get some photos of Ava and I.  The focus was off but some were so cute.  I was able to salvage this one with a good deal of editing to compensate for the fuzzy focus and off lighting.  I think I will try again soon with an outdoor set up so I don't have to spend hours saving the rest of the photos I took.

I just asked her who was in the photo and she said Ah-va and Kate-e...when I said no silly that's Mommy she cut her eyes at me and laughed.

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