Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is coming...

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend.  In fact for the last few weekends we have been making it a point to get out and about.  Saturday we went to the park and Ava fed the ducks and we ran into Uncle Doug and Chris who were there fishing.  The first park was a bit crowded so we headed to one down the street so Ava could play on the slides.  We were ok for a bit but then that park became crowded by kids who were much bigger than Ava so we headed home.

I tried to catch a photo of the mega moon that night but it was too far behind all the trees.  This is the best I could do.

Scary to think my little baby will be 22 before the moon is that big again. (Insert very dramatic sappy sigh)

Today we ran errands and then this afternoon we headed out to the yard to play.  Ava's Poppie ordered her swingset which will maybe be here by next weekend.  She will be so happy to have a big slide of her own.

 the trees are beginning to bloom

Yes she has a messy face...I don't always bother to chase her with a washcloth directly after every meal ;)

 Breaking out the side walk chalk for the first time since the fall.

 The yard is starting to regain some color.  A little red and green and not as much brown.

My spring break is up and I go back to school tomorrow.  I have about six weeks left and then I'm done.  I have enjoyed my week with my little bink and it has felt great to spend some extra time together.  I can't wait till our summer of gymnastics, art classes, and field trips.  Plus another trip to West Virginia.  Another trip to peaceful, less populated, less connected, beautiful, wonderful West Virginia.

Well I must run because a certain little miss is trying desperately to nod out next to me and it's a few hours too early for that.  Must engage operation keep Ava awake.  Till next time :)

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