Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day Eighty-Seven

Sprung a leak...

Earlier today I was going downstairs for something when I saw this.

I thought that looks wet so I bent down to feel it hoping the shadows were playing tricks on me but nope it was wet and it smelled.  I opened the door to the unfinished basement and there was water everywhere. Smelly, dirty, disgusting, sewage water.  Imagine concentrated porta potty smell in your house...not exactly welcoming.  Here are a few shots of the section where we store things.

The pump has been repaired, the floors cleaned, and the many boxes moved out and some sorted through (the bottom ones did not fair well).  Tomorrow they will have to be put back.  I am showing you these to explain why I do not have better/more appealing photos to share.  These photos are what you get.  They document a less than restful Sunday.

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