Monday, March 22, 2010

Day Eighty-One

Rain, mid-terms, and cake...

I started back to school today after being on spring break for a week.  It was beautiful for almost all of spring break but today there was rain.  I went to my morning class for a midterm and when I got out it was pouring.  I was so not prepared for it.

I got home and relaxed with Ava and Aaron.  I made goulash for dinner which I hadn't had in years.  My Mammaw use to make it.  During dinner my Mom, sister, and I were talking about what we needed at the grocery store and Aaron said birthday cake.  He wanted the candles and all.  So they came downstairs after they got back with a cake and candles and sang him Happy Birthday.  It was pretty hilarious since his birthday was back in January.  He had cake but no candles.

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