Monday, November 8, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun!!!

While I was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework, little Missy came out of her room with a tutu in hand and asked for me to put it on her.  I did and she spun on the spot and ran back to her room.  I could hear her in there talking and carrying on so I grabbed my camera to see what she was up to.

The hats were for me....apparently I needed to dress up too ;)
Then I put on a movie for her hoping she would settle in for a nap.
She settled in but she didn't take a nap
She even started to nod off a bit so just to prevent any accidental Zzzz's from being caught she switched her seat.
So like a lot of days here lately we are going without a nap.  This never bodes well for my doing homework which I had to give up around 3pm because she was in quite the mood.
An example of said mood is shown in this picture.  I had asked, "Ava, can I see your horsey" to which she responded "Ugh".  I think the look tells it all.  We see that look A LOT on no nap days.

Here's to hoping there is an early (before 10pm) bedtime tonight so that I can try to finish up what is due tomorrow.  There is nothing like trying to finish homework in my car in the 10 minutes I have before class starts. 

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