Monday, November 15, 2010

Leaves, Love, and Laughter...

That pretty much sums up my Sunday.  The weather was beautiful, the skies were clear, and  the house smelled of warm fresh baked pumpkin roll.

Since the weather was so nice I took Ava outside to play in the leaves.  We have a forest behind the house but not many trees in the yard so I had to rake up under our big tree and form a pile for her.

While we played everyone else busied themselves with this massive weekend(s) project.

Isn't fall beautiful....

O and did I mention a pumpkin roll....yummm!!!!

I have made it a new tradition to try to bake a fresh desert on Sundays.  If we are home and aren't busy running errands I like to bake or prepare a desert.  Even if it's simple like store bought cookie dough it is still nice to have.  Recently I have made apple cake, apple dumplings, angel sugar cookies, cupcakes, and now a pumpkin roll.  I can't wait until valentines day to get to make the red velvet cake yummy but o so fattening.  I had to make that a special occasion cake.

Today's weather makes yesterday feel like an eternity ago.  It is cloudy and dreary and now the trees that glowed yellow, orange, and red in the bright sunlight look leaveless, dull, and dead.  Amazing how the lack of sunlight can affect the mood.  Today would have been a good soup day...making I'll run and heat up some of my leftover butternut squash soup from Saturday.  Have I also mentioned my obsession with making soups when it's cold.  This year I plan of extending my repertoire.

I think I need to add a few things to my Christmas list....

This cupcake courier which is tall enough to house cakes and cake pops...

and a large dutch oven

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