Friday, November 19, 2010

A Tribute to Nan and Pop on their 60th Anniversary

You read that right; it was no typo.  Today marks the 60th wedding Anniversary for my Grandparents.  So first and foremost let me say Happy Anniversary to Nana and Poppie.

For 60 years you have shown dedication and love to one another, been there for one another, accepted each others faults, and loved each other even on the days you wished you didn't.  You did not give up when things got too hard. 

Many people may think that to make it to 60 years you just had an easy marriage but that is not true.  They had their fair share (and then some) of struggles. 

It would be impossible to tell their story in a blog post and in fact impossible for me to tell it simply because I did not live it.  I can however share a few quick stories about their beginning and then pictures of it all the way threw. 

Let's start with this photo....this is the first photo my Grandfather gave to my Grandmother.  If you look real close into the car behind him you will see another girl.  Hahaha...leave it to pop to give Nan a photo of him that has another "date" in it.

Now that wasn't really a story but this one is and it is one of my favorites because it really set's the stage for the marriage.  This really tells you just who they are and is so typical.

Nana told me the story of when her and Pop went to the court house to get thier marriage license.  She said they both had off on the same day one week (I believe it was a Monday but don't quote me) so Pop said let's go down and get our marriage license.  Mind you this was his idea and that he picked the day.  So there they were walking up the steps to the court house when my Grandfather turned to my Grandmother and asked if she had any money because he didn't bring any.  So my Grandmother paid for their marriage license because my Grandfather forgot to bring his money.  She told me she should have known then what she was getting herself into. 

She also had told me that her Father had not wanted her to date but he let her go out with my Grandfather because he knew him (or his family...again don't quote me) so he gave them the go ahead.  On the night that my Grandfather proposed my Grandmother she went in to tell her Dad good night like she did every night but she said, "Daddy I have something to show you".  He saw and said, "I knew this would happen....this is why I didn't want you to date".  I guess he knew dating would lead to his little girl getting married. 

My Grandmother and Grandfather did get married and boy were they young.  Just look at them.  Nana was only 18...I can't imagine getting married at 18.  

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From a blushing bride and groom to beloved parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. 

 are an inspiration to us all.

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