Monday, November 22, 2010

Saturday Morning in Santa's Workshop...crayon melts

This elf was busy getting to work on one of Ava's stocking stuffer's.  Throughout the year I have collected all of the restaurant crayons and any coloring casualties (aka broken crayons) out of Ava's box of "colors" (that's what she calls crayons).

Then I divided them up by color to see what I had.  Mostly primary colors, of course, since that's what the restaurants tend to give out.  I wanted to do confetti crayons and not solid crayons so I broke them up and just put them in my molds willy nilly.

I picked these up at Target in my favorite place...the dollar section.  They were perfect and let me be a bit more creative then your average muffin pan without having to spend too much money.  The whole point to this was to have a cheaper option for a stocking stuffer.

After they were sorted into the molds I popped them in the oven.
 I waited till they were melted and liquidy and turned off the oven and cracked open the door.  It was a great way to get a little extra heat in the house while Ava was secure in her chair eating lunch.  Once they had hardened enough to be moved I placed them on top of the stove to completely harden.  The ginger bread men and one of the candy canes gave me a tough time and cracked when trying to pop them out of the molds.  The beauty of silicone was that I could just pop them in the microwave to soften up a bit then into the freezer to harder real good.  Then they popped out perfectly.
The finished product....

 and when she colors with them she will get multiple colors on her page.  So fun!!!  I can't wait till she is a bit older and we have some fun broken crayon colors and can really get creative.

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