Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day Twenty-One

Time to lower the table...

School is officially back in session and it's going to take some getting use to this new schedule.  Our massage class was one of the smallest ever because of some new changes in the requirements to get in.  I knew our class would get smaller but I did not realize just how small.  Out of the six that started in the fall only two came back and that's including me.  I mean you can't beat the opportunity to get that kind of attention and we will come out of this ahead but it is going to take some getting use to.

This semester, in addition to the CPR/first aid class I have to take, I will also be taking an anatomy of movement class and deep tissue.  I know this will be the building block to getting to the class that I am super excited about.  Actually there are two classes that I am excited about and those are client assessment and medical massage.  So this semester it's time for me to lower my table height and adjust to the new techniques to come.

My picture of the day is reflecting my return to school and the studying and homework to come.  At least I am back to getting bodywork done twice a week.

You can tell which ones are already well loved from last semester.


  1. What a great oppurtunity for you to have one on one teaching (well almost). You are going to do great and bonus on the 2x a week body treatment! Love the photo's as always :0)