Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day Sixteen

Please feed me...

Ava always has the audience of at least one of our two dogs during each meal.  They lay there hoping and praying that she will drop (or throw) them a treat.  Now unless Ava really likes what she is eating she is MORE THAN happy to share.  Here is a picture of her audience during lunch time today.

Last night we were up super late as you may have been able to tell by my extra posts but to keep myself occupied I was doing some photoshop tutorials.  I was playing with the basics like altering the effect with minor color balance and curve changes.  I also played some with various textures and veils which I have really done in a few months.  Here are a few of my late night projects. 


Photoshop is addicting...I will accomplish one look and then see what else I can do.  I find it fun to take one photo and try to come up with variations of that same photo.  Sometimes it doesn't always work and what looks great with one photo will look horrible with another but sometimes you come up with something awesome so the experimenting is totally worth it.


  1. I'm in awe of all those pictures. I have no clue what you did but they all look SO COOL.

  2. Thanks I'm trying to school myself in photoshop. I would really like to take a class one day...maybe after the massage program is done.

  3. I love all your plays! All so different but really cool!

  4. I love playing with the editing tools too! It's so much fun to see what you can create - except I use Paint Shop Pro!