Friday, January 29, 2010

Day Twenty-Nine

Little Hands...

It has been nice to have a drama free day (knock on wood) and just enjoy spending time with Ava.  It has gotten very cold out and we are supposed to have nasty weather coming our way.  I was supposed to be making meatloaf with mashed potatoes tonight but we are out of potatoes and I am NOT venturing out with all the nutcases that are out in a panic buying water and milk.  So I will probably have to improvise with some rice or maybe mac and cheese instead. 

I am not sure what this weather will mean for our weekend plans so I may see if Aaron feels like going out to blockbuster just in case.  Of course if we don't make it we can just watch re-runs of the office.  That show never gets old. 

Now to get to the pictures of the day.  Ava was looking out the window and trying to climb up on the window sill.  Luckily it isn't quite deep enough of a sill for her to really get up on to.  I grabbed my camera though and decided to get some pictures.  She kept resting her hands on the sill so I put my camera down on it for a few close ups of those miniature fingers.  I am pretty happy with how they came out.  In fact Ava likes to hit the shutter button and hit the shutter button on the first one for me.  Sometimes I will get all of my settings and focus set and let her snap the picture.  It's fun to include her in on it and she seems to already love the camera.


  1. I love that window because of it's natural light. It's the only place in the house that I can get great lighting so I will often shoot in front of it :)