Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day Fifty-Five

Taxes and Toys

Today I decided I might as well get our taxes done so that I have one less thing on my list.  The morning is the best time as far as Ava's schedule and mood go.  The biggest thing is getting her fed, putting on her cartoons, and finding the right toy to entertain her.  We went down to her ball pit and she picked a few balls to take up; combine those with the remote and she was content.

It took most of the morning to gather the paperwork, receipts, etc. and get it all done.  We were both ready for lunch when I was done.  Not too much exciting about our day.  Here is the little miss playing this afternoon.


Snow is in the forecast again.  Supposedly starting some time tonight.  I had wanted to go to Trader Joes and Whole Foods tomorrow but that might have to wait until Friday.  Ugh, I need some healthy food and Southern MD sucks for that.

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