Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day Forty-Four

I ♥ You

You can't have valentines day without heart candies.  My original plan today was to take these cuties out in the snow and snap some shots but it was dark before I got my act together.  So plan B meant the kitchen counter would have to suffice.

I almost didn't get today's post posted today (tongue tied yet) because none of my edits were working and the pictures all had this weird orangey haze to them.  Well the photags call it a color cast and no matter what you prefer to call them, they just plain suck.  So I decided to use a selective color edit which I don't do often because it is done so much.  However, sometimes you just get something that screams for it and today it was these hearts.

Also for those interested or following the me part of this blog and not just the photos, Ava's fever is gone.  She has maintained a normal temperature without motrin all day.  Oh and we never made it out to the store for cards but we are still making the red velvet cake tomorrow so Yum to that.  Well this Mommy needs to get to bed so until tomorrow. 





To all my readers have a great Valentines Day tomorrow and enjoy the ones you love. ~Amanda

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  1. These pics are perfect for color-cast! Love them!!