Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day Thirty-Seven

White Out...

We were hit again by a major snow storm and it's been out of hand.  We have an ungodly amount of snow laying on the ground now.  Typically as a child this would mean the world would have come to a halt for days.  I remember being out of school for at least a week when a blizzard hit.  I remember the whole family being shut in and having soup, hot chocolate, and just enjoying the snow.

Now, I realize that I am an adult now and that being said there are responsibilities that a child does not have to think about.  Responsibilities like shoveling, power going out, having food and water, and getting back to work and normal life.  I guess adults don't get to enjoy snow days in quite the same manner a child would but what I don't understand is why adults don't try to enjoy them at least a little.

We only go around once, we only get to have this day one time and then it's gone.  There may not be another snow day, this may be it, you really have no way of knowing.  I think we should all take these snow days as blessings and see them as the worlds way of reminding us to slow down, relax, and just stop for a while.  Whatever you are worried about or concerned with will be there when the snow melts.  We often move too fast through our days and burn ourselves out for what reason.  To die quicker??

I keep hearing the news talk about the Monday morning rush, really people, really.  Oh, even better is them pleading with people to stay off the roads until at least tomorrow night so they can get them clear.  Ok, if you are out there driving let me just find my stupid stick and beat you with it because short of an emergency you are a moron for being out.

Ok, so anyways back to the snow, and the snow on top of the snow, that sits on top of more snow.  Did I mention snow.  Well, we ventured out today sticking close to the house because the drifts were ridiculous.  At times I found myself in snow up to my hips and had to lay down on top on the snow to pull them out.  A girl must do what a girl must do to get her photo of the day (short of getting in a car and driving...morons).  Here was what it looked like around the house today.






Enough of the landscape photos...check out the driveway...our like car isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


  1. Stay warm!! Your pics are so amazing!!! I love the one with the barn.

  2. I had really wanted to get closer to that barn but I'm too lazy to trek thru the snow ;)