Monday, March 8, 2010

Day Sixty-Seven

The Monday Blues...

I woke up this morning feeling awful.  I was not as strict as I should have been this weekend and allowed myself to eat some dairy Sunday.  I knew better and I knew I would pay but I didn't know I would feel this awful.  I guess my system was starting to adjust to dairy free and I threw it back off.  Ughhh.....why does dairy have to be everywhere.  O well...back on track for me.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will start to feel ok again.

We tried to go back to the park today and let Ava feed the ducks but the people, o the people.  It was packed and packed is not our scene.  Ava got a nice little nap out of it all so it was worth the trip even if we didn't see the ducks.  We came home and I fixed some dinner and while I was cooking I managed to catch a shot of the tress turning red from the sunset.  Oh, and the blue sky...I love that color blue.  Ok, I love every shade of blue but this is one of my favorites :)


 I also added a song today.  It's a special song for me and the fellow Mom's in my Mom group.  This song was played for TLC promos during my maternity leave.  It was the song that we listened to during those first few special weeks.  This is for all of the wonderful MMT Mom's that follow me.

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