Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Photography Rebirth

I got my official start in photography during my senior year of high school.  I took B&W photography as an art elective and the I took a few more B&W photography classes in college as well.  I then took a LONG hiatus from anything but the occasional snapshot because I did not have access to a dark room.  I really wish I could get back into a dark room...I do miss that.

Fast forward a few years and for some reason I decided to buy Photoshop.  I LOVE is the most fascinating least to me.  Playing in photoshop became like a stress reliever but still I only had a point and shoot and an old one at that.  I think the thing was like 4.5 megapixels....blah!!

Fast forward again to the birth of my daughter and the dust being brushed off of my camera and the return of the photag itch.  I longed for a "real" camera but we just couldn't afford one.  So I made due with my old P&S.



Then I decided to gather up some of my Christmas money and get a new point and shoot.  I was happy with my increase of megapixels but still limited.

Then in June Aaron decided that for my birthday we would take the plunge and get the DSLR I had been longing for.  I almost cried when we spent the money and felt so guilty about it but we knew that we would save in not having to pay to have pictures taken of her.  We saw it as an investment and it was just in time for a Father's Day shoot which was my first "session" with Ava.

Then on New Years Day I had this crazy idea that a 365 blog would be a great way to push myself and to grow.  I have already learned a lot of new things, gotten myself completely out of auto, and tried some new techniques.  I think I'll try to dig out some of my old B&W portfolio pieces to share.  Maybe I'll hunt those down Friday. 


  1. Amanda, I think you're doing an awesome job on your blog, and your skills are really exceptional now.

  2. Thank you so much Tamara. That means a lot coming from someone else who has such a great eye.