Sunday, April 25, 2010

Days One Hundred and Eleven through One Hundred and Fourteen

Catching up is hard to do...

Two more weeks of this semester then hopefully it's back on track for me at least blog wise.  Here is what the last few days have been about.

Wednesday was a LONG day and I didn't even go anywhere.  Aaron ended up sick so I stayed home with Ava instead of going to class.  That is the first time this semester that I have had to miss a class so all in all that's no too shabby.

My friend on Wednesday (homework, homework, homework...I'd be screwed without my laptop)

Aaron's friend on Wednesday and all week for that matter (I don't know how he can drink this...I'd be getting sick again just from trying to drink it)

Thursday I didn't have class because my teacher had to go out of town.  Ava and I went up to Nan and Pop's to visit anyways.  It through Ava off because she kept worrying that I was going to leave and wouldn't really settle enough to take a nap so we had to leave after lunch.  Pop's brother (Uncle) Jimmy and his wife came with lunch for everyone and it was nice to get to see them. I had gone to quiz Nan on some of the family history.  Years ago Nan started working on our Genealogy and I am working on it again.  I have all of her information combined with the wonderfulness that is the internet.  I have already found some really cool things.  This is my summer project...I am really getting excited for a trip to the State archives....I LOVE history.
O and an update on the potty training.  Ava is using the potty consistently at least 2-3 times a day.  Still a long way to go but she is getting the idea.  Hopefully by the end of summer we can be done with diapers.
Now Friday left me with more homework and family history to research.  Normally on Friday's I take Ava to a park or out somewhere but it's been a chilly week.  We played in the yard and then when Aaron came home we had to run up to his work and drop off some paperwork.  Seeing as it was rush hour we killed some time by taking Ava to a park we use to take our nephew to when I was pregnant.  Ava had fun but it didn't have swings so she got bored semi-quick.  Then we drove over to Toys R Us in hopes of finding some cool outdoor toys but that didn't really go as planned either.  Ava did get a patio chair and her new priced possession.  She saw this dark pink extra large bouncy ball and had to have it.  She held on to it and smiled the whole way home :)
I also noticed that my tomato plant has itty bitty tomatoes growing on it.  So exciting...

Saturday we went to the amish market and picked up some asparagus, jarred green beans, fresh local honey (good for seasonal allergies), some cinnamon buns, and banana bread...yum yum.

Now as far as today goes, the weather man lied.  I thought it was suppose to be nice today but so far it's drizzly, cold, and dreary just like yesterday.  Boo for crappy weather.  I am just hoping my morning coffee will help me stay up and motivated today.

Phew...what a relief it is to be caught up.  I really hope these next two-three weeks don't completely do me in.

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