Thursday, April 29, 2010

Days One Hundred and Sixteen thru One Hundred and Eighteen

Where to Start???

I guess Tuesday would be appropriate but has been another too long, too crazy, too much week.  Ava woke up in the middle of the night or should I say 2am Tuesday morning throwing up.  So as you can guess Tuesday was a charmer.  I missed class and have found myself behind at the end of the semester where there is no room to be behind.  Here was a quick snapshot from Tuesday.  It was taken simply to have something to show.

Wednesday was a bit better but not much.  We tried everything we could think of for Ava to eat.  I thought she may like chicken noodle (which she likes not sick) but I just ended up with noodles on the floor.  She  did however eat rice cereal with applesauce.  Go figure cause she wasn't a fan of that stuff back when I use to try to feed it to her.

Thursday was another long day of me trying to make up and get caught up.  I felt about how this plant is feeling.  Like it's time for a new pot or in my case a break.

Now if I can go figure out how to change the date of these so they post under April and not May.  I can't believe it's May.

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