Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day One Hundred and Fourty-Six

Tutu twirls...

Thursday afternoon I heard Ava in her room and she sounded like she was upset about something so I went in to she what could have possibly ruffled her feathers.  I found her pointing to something in the closet and I looked and low and behold she wanted her tutu.  She has two of them but neither has been worn in over six months.  Here she was the last time she wore either. 



I remember the good ole days before I had to actually chase my subject down, before blurred action shots, before she refused to look at the camera, when studio shots were actually possible, and sessions could be planned out.

Back to current day (or last Thursday).  So I reached up and grabbed the tutu and she raised her arms ups high and started running in place out of excitement.  She couldn't wait to put it on.  I slipped it on over her head and she grinned ear to ear and ran into the foyer.  She began to twirl around and prance from room to room.  I couldn't believe how excited she got over a tutu.  Looks like I will be putting her in dance classes this fall. 

We did her lesson in the tutu because she did not want to take it off.  While we were sitting on the floor finishing up her shapes puzzle her Daddy came home.  The next sequence of photos is her showing her Daddy her tutu and what she could do in it.  O and they are pretty blurred but I didn't get a chance to adjust my settings.  I caught the moment so that counts for something.

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