Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day One Hundred and Fifty-One

Summer Summer Summertime...

Ok not a great start to the blog for the summer but hopefully our technical difficulties are starting to improve.  My laptop has a fresh copy of it's OS installed so it's feeling great.  Our internet is still a possible issue.  We lost it again on Friday but I realized that the router was hooked up to a splitter so I disconnected it and now it's hooked up directly to the wall.  I am still keeping my appointment for Wednesday just in case.

So lets see to go back and post the pictures for the last twelve days...yikes.  Today is actually day thirteen but I have yet to take those photos.  Let's see here were the photos I took for day 151 and my theme was summer color.

The great thing about summer is that even on a cloudy day there is color.

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