Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day One Hundred and Eighty-Four

Fantastic Fun-filled Fourth...

Seriously we had such a great day and nope we didn't go anywhere.  I have a good amount of photos so let's see...I guess I'll start at the beginning.

The last morning in their nest...I didn't know it at the time though.

Love those ruffles...

Poor thing had itchy allergy eyes and kept giving us this piratey argghh... look all day.

I did a close up of the skirt so here is one of the shirt...

Ok these next ones were hilarious...we were playing a game.  Ava would hide in the pantry and we would yell where is Ava and she would run at us at fast as she could.

Now, part two, a second story from the 4th.  We had two birds nests this year.  The barn swallows come every year and the fourth was their last day in the nest.  These little guys aren't barn swallows.  I never got a close enough look at the parents to identify them but the fourth was their last day in the next.  Although for them the fourth was too early.  A bunch of them were pushed out of their nest.

Aaron tried to save them

Random photo...

Back to the birds...apparently one of them was evil and wanted the nest to himself.  So he once again pushed the birds back out.

This little guy was a trooper...he hopped all the was across the yard.

Here is his Momma checking on him...

Ironically enough the next morning the loner in the nest was dead along with one other one right below the nest.  However the rest made it through the night.  We lost track of them but I think at least one figured out how to fly.

I decided to give sparklers a try and Ava didn't seem to mind them.  I took a bunch and stuck them in the ground and her and I sat in front of them and watched.  It was like a mini firework display. 

After the sparklers Ava seemed ok with the rest of the fireworks.  She learned they wouldn't hurt us if we just sat and watched but not touch.  I told her they were HOT and she seemed satisfied with that.  I don't have pictures of the rest but we enjoyed the last hour before bedtime as a family setting of our small batch off fireworks. 

A box of our sparklers did turn up missing though and I know it didn't grow legs and walk away so someone owes Ava a box of sparklers.

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