Tuesday, August 24, 2010

234....homemade spaghetti sauce take 2

So we ended up with a ton of tomatoes again and I decided to make some more sauce.  My pictures totally sucked last time so I took more this time.  The pictures were definitely better and surprisingly so was the sauce.  It was pretty freaking good last time but this time it was addicting.  Yum!!

So where to start...how about with the obnoxiousness that is making homemade spaghetti sauce.  Here is a photo of my line up.

This time I also sauteed some onion and green pepper to add to the tomatoes before I pureed.

How about a closer look of that yumminess.

Now for the tomatoes...right into the boiling water they go.

Then from there they chill out in the ice bath...

Then I removed all the skins...Isn't that like the perfect shade of red.

Then I had to chop and deseed them.  Honestly if it weren't for this part I would probably always make spaghetti sauce from scratch.

Then I just threw it all in the crockpot and took the immersion blender to it all.  The onion and green pepper was layered in prior to this picture.

Then I just put it on high and left it till closer to dinner time.  I actually didn't intend for this to be dinner that night but when dinner time came I didn't feel like making anything else.  This was originally going to be frozen for later.

Then the worst part in cooking/baking anything.  THE CLEAN UP.

Luckily my little helper did some grocery shopping while I cooked ;) O and don't mind the messy bed head.  We hadn't gotten around to combing her hair yet.

Then I restored the kitchen to it's pre-tomato glory.

 Tamed Ava's crazy hair...

When I decided to go ahead and have it for dinner I added some meat.

Then my last secret ingredients :)  So freaking yummy...like seriously YUM!!!!!

We leave tomorrow for WV so I'm hoping that I can get back on tonight to do today's post but if not I will see ya'll next week since we will not have internet where we are going.  It's that far out there...can't wait.

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