Friday, September 17, 2010

Way to far behind

Ugh....this blog is getting the best of me.  I am so seriously far behind again.  I feel like I am down to doing monthly posts.  School started back up and it's been hard enough to find the time to sit and get all of my homework and studying done.  I am going to do my best to set aside time this weekend to post at least some of my photos.  I would also like to take Ava apple picking this weekend so we'll see if life allows time to blog.  I can say that I will be happy when this year is over and I can just blog randomly. 

Let's see what else have I been doing since we got back from vacation.  Hmmm...well, planning Ava's party.  I am really anal about details, color schemes, food, goody bags, outfits...I think I might be a little crazy in fact.  I can't just do a theme from the store.  You know...just go buy the big party pack in whatever theme I fancy.  Instead I have to take one of those themes and make it unique.  I am a "visual" person and the explosion of color in normal party packs makes me want to puke, quite literally.  I need clean lines and balance of color.  There also has to be symetry and not just characters thrown around all willy nilly.  So as you can imagine I have been busy designing invitations, matching an outfit to the theme (yes, I'm that crazy), finding just the right goody bag fillers, and so much more.

What else have I been up to...ah, yes...SCHOOL.  The older Ava gets the harder it has become to do homework.  I am constantly being pulled away so she can show me something, give me something, take me to something, get me to get her something, and so on.  It's incredibly adorable but at the same time can be quite frustrating when your up against deadlines.  But such is life, I suppose.  It's all a part of being a Mom which is my number one priority and focus.  Gone are the days where I could focus on school and school alone.  I will say that I do enjoy school and I LOVE the massage therapy program.  It is such a gift to be a part of it.  It really has changed my life and given me new direction.

So I could go on and on about school but if you aren't in a massage program, have been in a massage program, or something along those lines I may just sound crazy.  Even though we have already established that I am just that I will not continue to provide further evidence for you.

However, speaking of school and learning new things.  We did a personality test to find out what our personality type is.  This is to help us understand our strengths and weaknesses as we work on putting together our business plans for our trends class.  I have read up on my "type" and have found it so enlightening and liberating.  It explains so much about me and my relationships with others.  I am going to get Aaron to take it this weekend.  We are both curious to see how he tests.  For any who may be wondering I am an INFJ.  Apparently I am part of a rough estimate of 1% of the population who is an INFJ.  I included a link below in case anyone wants to read more about my type.

So that's about it...I have been up to a lot and not much all at the same time.  Imagine that...

Here's to hoping I can get back on here this weekend and post some actual photos.  Keep your fingers crossed but please, whatever you do,  DO NOT hold your breath.  That could be deadly.

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