Friday, October 22, 2010

My Beautiful Birthday Girl!!

Friday was Ava's birthday and this is how we spent it.

I have been trying to upload these photos all week but the blogger server kept bombing out.  They did some maintenance on it the other day but today is the first day it has worked for me.  I can't believe this was already a week ago.

She wanted a cookie for breakfast so look what she got :)
 I so should have tackled the kitchen set before nap time Friday

 It turned out awesome though so it was worth it.  It's really sturdy and she can grow into it since its HUGE.
 Being Silly
 Trying to attack the flash

 Excuse my horrid appearance.  These were her birthtime shots and it had been a long day.  In fact we were in the middle of making the cake pops when I wrangled Ava and Daddy for the pics. 

 Her card from her GrandDad.  It had minnie singing Happy Birthday when you opened it.  She sat there for forever opening and closing it and smiling. 

I'm working on the post for her actual party now.  It will probably take a while since we have a bunch of photos.  I still can't get over how awesome her party was.  Last year's party was exhausting but this year it was just loads of fun.  She enjoyed every part of it and so did we.  I actually can't wait to start planning next years.  Parties are so fun and I love planning all the little details.  Although next year she may want more say so.  This year she just picked the theme and I got to decide the rest. 

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