Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins, Goats, and those things that go Mooooo!

That's what we saw today when we took Ava down the street to Zekiah farms.  I love going there because we don't have to get off the back-roads to get there.  It's also where we got our Christmas tree and pumpkins last year.

I added a little warm country haze to the photos.  I love the way it kind of really helped set the mood for them.

Here she was walking to the car to go get her "punkins"

 and in case you missed it here is a close up of the goat with it's head in a pumpkin.

 She kept yelling "Hey cow come sit" and "Hey goat come here" just like she does to the dogs.
 I'm pretty sure she could have sat there all day.
 Trying to pick up her pumpkin....
...which she insisted was stuck.

We got one large pumpkin, two medium/small pumpkins, and three tiny ones that Ava could carry.  She loves her pumpkins.

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