Friday, March 11, 2011

On a roll....

I joined a new flickr group which I'm pretty excited about.  The group picks a different crayola color every week from the 64 box of crayons.  The idea is to try to find something that color and photograph it.  The color this week is cornflower.  Ava got to help with this one.  First we got out the box and she gave me all of the blue crayons and I found the cornflower one.  After that we colored a swatch of paper to carry with us as we sought out something in that color.  She even carried her camera with us so she could take pictures too.  I recently gave her an old camera to have because she likes to play with mine.

Here is my submission for cornflower...

                                                                                  ...a flower arrangement my Mom and I put together.

Ava's Poppie came by today and brought her some robin's eggs so I figured while I had my camera out I would photograph them too.  Ava liked having them on a little serving dish.  

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