Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catching Up

Life has been tough lately and quite a few things got put on the back burner while I took time to take care of family.  There are times in life when you put life on hold and be present and the last month has been that kind of time.  Aaron, Ava, and I have experienced a lot of loss this year and I'm hoping that brighter days soon will come. 

I just pulled a bunch of photos from the camera that have been taken over the last two months and I'm taking some time today to get them uploaded.  I want to feel caught up so I can enjoy taking photos again.  I hate when I get so behind that I don't want to take more for fear I'll never catch up.  Here are some photos from the back log.

An afternoon playing in the yard...

 I wish all of the blossoms stayed on the trees longer than two weeks...they are already long gone :(
 Ava and Ryan painting sun catchers

an Easter post and more to come...

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