Monday, June 27, 2011

A day at the races...

Ava and I went to the track to watch Daddy and Uncle Kenny race.  I was curious to see how this trip went because Ava does not like public bathrooms, especially ones with stalls.   However the good ole baby bjorn potty seat placed ever so carefully on the back seat seemed to do the trick just fine.  My biggest concern that day was that we were going to need to leave because she needed to potty and not make it home in time.  Ava has been potty trained since January and pull up free since January but we have carefully planned our trips around potty breaks.  I have only been able to successfully get her to go in the Target family bathroom.

So anyways back to the races.  Ava had a great day and even saw baby bikes (pw 50's) and said how about Ava ride the baby bike because Ava needs to race too.  She would tell Daddy that he needed to go fast and then when he was on the track she would yell, GO GO GO.  So beyond cute.  Here are some pictures from the day.

On Aaron's friends son's 60...she was instantly in love
and not so happy when she was told she had to get back down and couldn't ride it.
So proud that she can pick her daddy out in all the pictures.  I worked hard with her yesterday to learn how to find him.  It's an acquired skill and you have to watch riding styles and technique.

Have to admit I was a bit jealous of the other photags with the massive telephoto day maybe..haha.  O and their lack of a squirmy toddler on their shoulders who was bouncing and clapping and would throw her hands over my eyes because me not being able to see was funny to her.

My favorite photo of the day.  (large blueberry italian ice=blue mouth)
Doesn't this just make your heart melt :)

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