Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ava and I...and a little extra

A few posts ago I posted this post about Ava dancing in my old dance costumes and today I found the pictures of me back when the costumes were new. 

Here is Ava in them...

and here is me...

I believe I was four in the bee costume and three is the rockin' robin costume.  As you can see we have lost some accessories over the years and the costumes have lost some "life" but they still have lots of fun times left in them.  My friends and I use to play in my old costumes as did my sister and now Ava.  I can still remember the way they smelled when they were new...funny how that works.


Now here is a look at my crazy lists I compile to get ready to pack for vacation.  To-do, Ava's list, Family list, meal plan, grocery list, ugh I'll need a vacation when I'm through. 

Last year I went through all of this trouble and it worked...sort of.  I did forget my SD card for my camera and a stack of my clothes didn't quite make it into my suitcase.  This year the stuff will actually get packed before I check them off.  Almost packed just doesn't cut it. 

Well time for me to get back to said lists or at least attempting to get things crossed off. 

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