Friday, July 8, 2011

I do it please

Ava is all about taking photographs lately.  She loves the camera and much like her Momma she loves being behind the camera.  We got her a snazzy kids camera but it's tucked away in the closet waiting to make it's appearance when we go on vacation.  She does have a little yellow plastic pretend camera that she carries with her everywhere.  Whenever I get my camera out she will ask where her's is and say get it for me please.  Then she will begin taking "pictures" of EVERYTHING.  All things big and small are picture worthy in Ava's world.  Mommy's jammies, Ava's jammies, Mommy's coffee, the couch, the tv, my camera, the lizard on the front porch, her cheese stick, Me, Daddy, Grandma, the table, the dog, and well you can see how this goes.  I look forward to being able to actually see what she sees when we give her a real camera.

However yesterday we compromised and she used my camera.  When she uses my camera it has to be on a flat surface and she can hit the self timer and shutter buttons.  Sometimes an arm or finger will get in front of the lens when it is focusing and blur the image but it's still so fun.  She gets so excited and screams "I do it please"  "let Ava try" and the heart melting "thank you Mommy".

She doesn't have much patience for Mommy messing with getting settings just right and Mommy hates the evil Auto setting so the settings were off just a bit.  I played in photoshop and added some fun textures and really like the look of them.  Oh, my little budding photographer.  Who knows maybe if she combines Daddy's love for bikes and Mommy's love for the camera she'll one day get a job taking pictures for RacerX or awesome would that be.

Aaron had to have an endoscopy done to try to figure out his stomach issues and I was the "responsible party" so Ava's Grammy came and watched her while we were gone.  We returned to a passed out Ava sprawled out on the couch.  She rarely takes naps but I didn't miss the opportunity to photograph her goofy self waking up.

 Don't mind the chocolate pudding all over her hands.  Lately that's been a daily look for her.

 She joined me on the floor

 and quickly found her camera

It wasn't long before she wanted to take more pictures with Mommy.

 She even convinced Daddy to get in them.  Although it's hard to say no to "Take a picture with my please Daddy".  I really wish this one hadn't turned out blurry.  We will be trying that again in a few weeks with say mountains in the background :)  I just noticed how odd raggedy Andy's arm looks sticking out from behind my head. 

 Ava almost missed this one...she got distracted by Angelina Ballerina on her way back to our laps.

What a good Daddy to appease his baby girl even though he was still dopey from the sedation.  Finally with Ava's help I can be in more photos.  She is my little runner...we pose and she runs and hits the button and jumps back into our laps.  She loves it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and stops to take a few moments and just enjoy the day.  Take a deep breath and on the exhale just let go of it all and really look at the world around you.  It's not half bad when you just let go.

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