Friday, July 1, 2011

Wiggly Giggly Toddler

I took these on Tuesday but just not got them uploaded and processed.  This day I was trying to focus on getting a good picture of her toes.  She let me paint them all different colors and it was just so fun and cute.  However the problem with toddlers...they don't hold still, they move way to quick to keep changing settings, blur, blur, and more blur, and when she realized I wanted to take a picture of her feet she hid them and moved them so I couldn't.

 and then she got distracted
 and then she ran away to the other side of the house
 and began rolling around on the floor because she didn't want me to take a picture of her toes.
 she thought it was hilarious
 I need a plan...I needed help...I needed her to focus on something...anything
 OMG she held still
 and then she got a bird...again
 ahhhh least now she won't run
 and she'll stop paying attention to what I'm photographing
 and not wiggle quite so much
 focus is key
 and being able to multitask between helping her and photographing her
 and moving around because even when a toddler is still they move
 her puzzle pieces match her toes :)
 ahhhh curse you stupid blur....why oh why did I not focus clearly on her eyes...grrrr

So my lesson of this particular Tuesday was to remember in the beginning to grab the distraction/puzzles so I spend less time chasing.  Quick Tip-food works wonders for this but it also leads to messy faces, shirts, and hands so be prepared.

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