Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A tea room, a birthday, and the ground shaking beneath our feet...

I was getting ready to start this post about an hour ago but as I was sitting here the windows began to shake.  Now that is not completely unusual because the windows are large and if there is heavy machinery around they will shake.  After a few second it didn't stop so Kate and I started heading in opposite directions of the house to see what could possibly be the cause.  Then it got worse and the whole house began to shake beneath us as we met in the middle of the house, I scooped up Ava, and we realized it was an earthquake.  Then we panicked trying to remember what the heck you do during an earthquake.  Flashes of run to the nearest stairwell, bathroom, basement went thru my head.  We took off to the bathroom which was the closest because now it felt like we were on a boat somewhere out in the Atlantic during a bad storm.  Half of me wanted to get to the bathroom because the rocking made me so nauseous.  Then after being in the bathroom for a bit it settled and stopped and we ran for the phones.  I was able to text Aaron right away but couldn't call him.  I reached my Dad pretty quick and he told me we were supposed to go outside.  I guess if there is a next time we will be prepared, right?!?!  I kept picturing the scene in knocked up where they are ran into the streets naked and thought Oh, yeah you do go outside.  Poor Ava kept saying, "the eerth is dancin and bumpin really loud".  It took her quite a while to calm down.  Ugh well if nothing else I think I know without a doubt that I don't want to move to California anytime soon.

Now back to my "real" post that I was trying to do before the earth interrupted. 

Nan's birthday was last Wednesday so we had planned to take her to the tea room on Sunday to celebrate.  I know Ava would do well and of course the food is a perk but the child loved it.  She would say "mmmmm, that's delicious" and when she tried to coco truffle tea she said "mmm, tastes just like chocolate"  I can't wait to take her again.

I put curlers in her hair, not for long, but long enough to get a bit of definition.
 She danced and twirled...I love this outfit on her.

 Then she requested that I change her nail color from blue to pink
 Then she ran around for a while.
 Until it was time to go
 Tea was wonderful...I need to get on teaforte.com and order some of the coco truffle tea and a few others.  However I'm going to need to get set up to be able to brew lose teas.  It's about time I grow up from my tea bags :)

 I loved the glasses the iced tea came in...so pretty

 We had a bit of a wait in the beginning for our first course to come but other than that it was great.

 Cheesy cheese smile
 Trying to get at a booger that had been bugging her all morning.
 Nan saying no fingers up the nose
 Yup we all saw...you have been caught
 Being a silly girl

 She had to ride her bike as soon as we got home...she loves her bike.

 Monday we went to Nan's and Ava was given chocolate milk in little tea cups. 
 She was so proud

 She even used a "baby" one

 She loves playing with Nan's necklaces
 So sweet...

Now I'm off to fix dinner then run out to the store for a leotard for Ava's first gymnastics class tomorrow morning....SO EXCITING!!!!!

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