Thursday, September 15, 2011

A bit overdue

I realized I never posted some pictures I took of Ava the other week.  First I'll catch up on my 30 day challenge pictures then on my Ava pictures :)

Day 11: Something Fun-Ava doing her forward roll on the grass.

Day 12:  Close up

Day 13:  From a Distance


Day 14:  Flowers

Now to catch up on some Ava photos...these were taken the other week.

I really think fall and winter are going to be a hard adjustment this year.  No more evenings spent outside as soon as we adjust the stupid clocks.  How outdated and unnecessary.

In other news Ava got her halloween costume in yesterday.  It's a custom made dress and didn't come cheap so it's going to double as her Christmas dress so she gets more wear out of it.  I still need to get her white tap shoes, tan dance tights, white ruffle ankle socks (we may have these already), and a white sweater in case it's cold.  I think for halloween I'm going to add an extra petticoat for more fullness to the skirt.

Excuse the motion blur and grain...poor lighting combined with a crazy speedy toddler don't mix well.

Pretty darn close match if you ask me.  I opted against paying extra for the scalloped hem and to have it be a bit longer than the original since I am hoping to have her wear it again on Christmas.  The extra petti should make it look a bit more authentic.

I think that has me all caught up.  Time to run and catch up on laundry.  Till next time.

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