Friday, December 16, 2011's been quite a while.

So...let's fill you in on what you have missed this fall before Christmas gets here because I cant start the new year this far behind.

Not really sure where we left off....let me go back and check.

Well crap I left off before Halloween...that's scary.

Well here goes....

With her curlers in watching her morning cartoons.

 and welcome to the stage...Miss Shirley Temple

 With Grandma

 With Jamie
 With Daddy
 Covering Daddy with her dress...she found this hilarious.
 Back at Jamie's to sort thru candy
 So sleepy
 She looks so pitiful here

 Hey look who is in the background biting his wonder she does it so much.
 Pumpkin #1
 Pumpkins 2 & 3
 and pumpkin #4

Ok now for some more fall photos from October and November.

We found this old plantation that is actually quite well hidden and has a lot of land that goes right up to the water.  It was supposed to be my attempt at Avas 3 year pics but it was so cold and she was completely uninterested but it was still a fun family outing regardless.





Ok the blogger uploader is mad at me so I'll post her actual three years pictures in a separate post.

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