Thursday, January 5, 2012

Candy Bar Ice Cream

For Christmas Aaron's Mom and Sister got me the ice cream mixer attachment for my kitchen aid stand mixer.  I use to make homemade ice cream with a large "old fashioned" ice cream maker that was bought for my Dad when I was younger.  I liked to make it but the mixer was large, loud, and messy with all the ice and salt that it required.  Over the summer I contemplated getting a cheaper ice cream mixer I saw at target but it only made about a pint at a time....not enough for my ice cream eating family.  Ava and Aaron LOVE ice cream.  I like it to but can't indulge like they do because my lack of a gallbladder makes it hard for my tummy to digest.  Anyways I was excited to give this sucker a try.  They bought me a few williams sonoma mixes and I tried one of those first.....plain vanilla per the request of Aaron.  Then this week Ava and I decided to make a batch of homemade.

I always find that when I use a few recipes as a guide but tweak to fit my tastes and ingredients it always turns out better; no matter what I'm making.  So I used one recipe for the cream base but changed the flavors and some of the ingredients to match what I had on hand.  I'm calling it candy bar ice cream because you could use whatever candy bar or candy pieces you have on hand as mix ins.

First things first in the kitchen for me.........I grab my handy helper.  Isn't she adorable :)  This was actually taken earlier that morning but it explains why in the other pictures there appears to be black smudges on her face.

 and just for the sake of sharing...she pulled one of her little chairs into the living room and created a little work station.  I had to laugh at how cute it was and how smart as well.

Ava has become a very good helper with all the baking we do together.  She knows the difference between measuring spoons and cups, liquid cups and dry ingredients cups, brown sugar and white sugar, which containers hold flour, sugar, etc, that you do your wet ingredients first and then add the dry, etc, etc, etc.  I have a feeling she'll be baking on her own at a very early age.

Now that I have my handy helper I can get started

Grab whatever candy bars/candy pieces you have on hand
 Remove all the wrappers
 Chop your candy into bit sized pieces
 Reward your handy helper with a piece of chocolate
Finish chopping the chocolate
 Place in an airtight container and refrigerate until needed
 Grab milk, heavy cream, eggs, and sugar for your base.
 Now the original recipe called for vanilla extract but I decided to add caramel flavoring to go with my candy bar theme.  I like to add this to frosting sometimes for a different taste.
Whisk eggs in mixing bowl for about 1-2 minutes until frothy.
 Slowly whisk in sugar until well combined.
 The next step I didn't photograph but you then whisk in the milk, heavy cream, and last the caramel flavoring.  Only whisk until combined. Then add to your ice cream mixer and follow your mixers instructions for time.

 Under the watchful eye of my handy helper.
The kitchen add only needs about 20 mins.  Right before the ice cream is done add in your candy bar pieces.
 Then scoop ice cream into an air tight container.  It will be the consistency of a soft serve until frozen.  If you like soft serve go ahead and indulge straight away.  We preferred to freeze it.
 but not before testing for quality assurance :)
 Place on the lid and freeze.
We had some a few hours later but to me the ice cream was even better the next day.  

The only thing left to do now is grab a dish and a spoon and enjoy!!!

Be warned.......kind of like with all things.......homemade is ALWAYS better.  This may ruin store bought for you.


2 large eggs
3/4 cup sugar
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk
2 teaspoons caramel flavoring (more if suits your tastes)
1-2 cups of bite sized candy bar flavoring **If you like lots of chunks use 2 cups if you prefer less use 1 cup

In a medium sized mixing bowl whisk together eggs for 1-2 mins or until frothy.  Slowly add sugar and whisk until combined.  Continue to whisk for about a minute.  Add in milk, heavy cream, and caramel flavoring and whisk until combined.  Pour ice cream base into ice cream machine and follow your machines instructions for mixing time.  When ice cream in just about done add in candy bar pieces.  Mix long enough to distribute your candy then turn off machine and pour into an airtight container.  For soft serve you can eat right away and for a harder ice cream freeze for a few hours to overnight and then enjoy!!!

Base yields 1 quart but I found with the addition of air my batch doubled to a 2 quart batch.

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