Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's almost Easter...

That means it's almost time for me to have this baby.  Actually my midwives said that at 35 weeks they would no longer actively try to stop labor if I were to start so it's kind of been game on since then.  We have most everything ready but I still need to get a few things.  I threw away my parts to my pump so I need to replace those.  The pump isn't much use without all the parts ;)  I also need to get the extenders for our cosleeper because it's not quite the right height to attach to the bed.  Actually we also need to get some baby things (like um the carseat lol) down from Nan's attic and I need to get my swing back as well but THEN, we will be ready.  Hmmmmm, maybe I need to get a move on.

I'm preparing myself for the nights away from Ava.  I figure there will be two although I'd be fine with just one.  I have never been away from her so it's going to be tough for both of us.  However I will admit it will be nice to have a few meals prepared and brought to me without me having to do anything. 

I go back to the midwives this week and they will do a quick ultrasound to make sure baby is in a good position.  I only had one ultrasound with Ava so it will be neat to see this one at this stage in the pregnancy.  As long as they are careful not to reveal too much.  Aaron told me to make sure they know before hand that we don't know so they are careful.  I'm hoping to convince Ava to go with us this time so she can see the baby again since she really enjoyed that last time.  I have been meeting Aaron at Nana's before the appointment so he can go with me and last time she opted to stay.  I don't blame her because the standard appointments aren't much fun.  I go in and weigh myself and then wait to be called back, then like all doctors we wait again once we get to the room.  They ask if I have any questions, how it's going, take my bp, measure my belly, listen to the heart, and then we are off.  I do love how laid back the midwives are compared to the Ob's office I went to last time.  It's a pregnancy, it's normal, it's a natural process, and it doesn't always turn out textbook. 

I am hoping for a more laid back hospital experience this time as well.  This time during my labor it will pretty much be Aaron and I so we can both focus and rest.  I also plan to take my golden hour after I give birth which I did not get last time.  For the first hour of this babies life it will be just Aaron and I.  I will nurse, we will breath, clean up, relax, and get to know our new baby.  Then once we have had some time to take everything in we will introduce the baby to any visitors we may have, post a picture for the eager Facebook friends and family, and most likely make our way to our postpartum room.  This time I will be more than ok with the fact that hospitals make waiting rooms for a reason.  I am kind of excited to get to experience labor with Aaron to assist me without the commotion.  Some people may not agree with it all but after a 22 hour labor with Ava that ended with 3 hours of pushing I have learned.  Focus on me and baby.....there will be plenty of time for visitors once we are settled into our room on the postpartum floor. 

I have been having lots of braxton hicks this time around and sleep is almost non-existent.  I would say I nap at night.  There is always a point where I am awake for a few hours somewhere in the middle.  I am excited for Easter to come.  Ava's basket has been done for about two weeks or so now and is up in the closet covered up by a plastic bag so that if need be, no matter what, she will have her Easter basket waiting for her Easter morning. 

So this is making me realize I need to make a list and start getting things together.  Well, I'm off to get a pen and some paper and write some of this down.  Till next time. . . . . . . . . . .

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