Monday, January 18, 2010

Day Eighteen

Foofa cures all...well at least yo gabba gabba does.

Sometimes we all have those moments where we are tired and just need some downtime.  Ava has been cutting molars and has been more tired than usual.  Today dinner was a little later than usual and she was bordering melt down mode so we had to think quick.  It was apparent that she really just needed to settle and relax a bit.  Well that only means one thing in this house and that's Yo Gabba Gabba.  It is Ava's favorite TV show and thanks to Christmas she now has three DVDs of it.

Let me tell you that this show has an instant calming effect on Ava.  I put in one of her DVD's, sat her in her PBK chair, and handed her foofa and she was happy.  Foofa is a miniature stuffed animal version of one of the characters.  Today it was all about Foofa.

Ava knows how to relax and chill like no ones business.


  1. Ava looks so precious in the last picture! These are wonderful. You need to teach me how to use my camera properly! ;)

  2. TARGET DIAPERS! LOL such a classic baby pose in that last shot.

  3. YGG has the same effect on Becks too, and Ava has the "chillax" down to an art form :)

  4. OMG she is too cute. We haven't tried Yo Gaba Gaba. We don't do much tv for her. Shaun has tried Sesame Street and Thomas but she doesn't really care. Now if Shaun is playing a video game, she's all over it!

  5. Jesi- We should meet up at like Quiet Waters Park or somewhere like that when it warms up and take some pictures of the kids.

    Ash- LOVE target diapers.

    Gretchen- Isn't YGG the best when you just need a few minutes to yourself.

    Chelsea- I will say that YGG is out there but it does teach some good lessons and keeps Ava's attention like nothing else we tried. I wouldn't suggest trying to sit and watch it with is ANNOYING!!!

  6. Yeah that dude kinda...ok REALLY...creeps me out/annoys me LOL...Betsy hasn't seen it but a little girl I watched while pregnant with Betsy LOVED it.