Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day Nineteen

My life needs color...

It has been unusually warm and sunny the past few days and it's supposed to last through the week.  I thought it's so nice so maybe some outdoor shots are in order.  I peered out the windows trying to find inspiration and everything was dead and colorless.  The only color seem to be the blue sky.

I thought to myself there has to be something out there; some glimmer of color.  I stepped out onto our back porch and there is was.  The wind chime has a beautiful glass butterfly designed disk hanging off of it.  I have tried to capture it before but it's normally so windy that I can't get a good shot.  Today however there isn't much wind so I snatched the opportunity. The thing I love most is that is captures each of my favorite colors. 


I was also very excited that the screen behind the wind chime created natural texture to the photos.  Sometimes we have to really search deep to find something colorful in our life but it's nice to know that it's always there; we just have to open our eyes a little wider to see it.


  1. Very cool! We are enjoying beautiful weather here as well. My favorite shot is the last one.

  2. That is neat! Are the colors like that on the chime or is that from the PP? Very cool!

  3. Beautiful!!!! I'm totally loving this weather!

  4. It's from the sunlight hitting it. It was a dark purple blue when it spun so the sun wasn't reflecting off of it. I just sharpened it up a bit in photoshop ;)