Monday, January 11, 2010

Day Eleven

Dinner Seventies Style...

Ok the dinner wasn't seventies style but the processing is.  Something about the green highchair just pops with the processing I did tonight.  I had my camera handy at dinner because I have been trying to get Ava use to using utensils and tonight was her first try with the spork.  She did better than I had expected.  She understands how to use it and what it's purpose is, she just needs to work on her coordination.  A lot of the food tends to fall off before she gets it to her mouth or she'll flip the spork/spoon over and drop the food.  She gets very excited and claps her hands when she does get food successfully to her mouth.  It is so cute to see her so proud of herself.  She knows she did well and will immediately drop the utensil and clap with a huge smile on her face.  Here are a few snapshots of the goofball in action.

She is blowing kisses in the second one :)

I apologize for the second set of highchair photos but my original idea for today did not come out as well as I had wanted.  I guess these did not either but I wasn't really aiming for great photos with these.  I was just trying to capture Ava being goofy with her spork.  My original plan was to take a picture of my brothers dog Bailey.  She is a chocolate lab with beautiful light brown eyes.  I got the picture below which isn't a bad picture of her but the house lighting just did not capture her eyes well.  I will try again during the day with natural lighting and hope for a better result.

I guess it is just now hitting me that this project means I have to post a picture from the day even if everything for the day failed to come out.  I have a hard time posting things that aren't up to my standards or I'm not completely satisfied but maybe posting them is a good thing.  It shows that not everything works out.

Now for something completely off topic.  The other day one of the Mom's from MMT posted a link to a career diagnostics test.  I took it not really thinking anything of it but man is this test good.  So far everyone I know that has taken it has gotten a career that they would be AMAZING at.  So here it is if you would like to give it a shot. It said I would be good with Interior Design or some sort of Creative Design.  It said Aaron would make a good writer or editor, which he totally would, and for Kate it said she would be a good actor or producer.


  1. That last one of Ava is CLASSIC. And I like the doggie picture.

  2. Great pics. Love the retro feel to them! And Bailey is cute. I know what you mean about getting the perfect lighting conditions.

  3. I love the lip on the last one.

    On the lighting issue I think I am going to have to try to take them while there is still daylight because I'm tired of yellow photos. It takes too long to correct them.