Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day Twelve

So today I was tired of dealing with the crappy indoor lighting and decided to go out and take some pictures of the woods behind the house.  I walked around in the woods for a few minutes taking some random pictures and when I came back in and looked at them all I had to laugh.  The one that caught my eye was one of the two that I snapped before going back into the woods.  Looks like I could have saved myself about 15 minutes in the cold but oh well.

I liked this picture because it shows the cold of the snow on the ground, or at least what is left of it, combined with the heat of the suns rays that is melting the snow away.  I wish I had been able to feel some of that heat when I was out there.

and for fun here it is in Black and White although I prefer the blue skies.


  1. Oh Amanda, that is breathtaking! And look at it this way, you got some exercise :)

  2. ...and fresh air which is the nice part about winter. The air is so clean and crisp.

  3. I LOVE the first shot. It's gorgeous. It's the kind of photo I wish I could take! Thank you for sharing it.