Friday, January 15, 2010

Day Fifteen

Seeing yourself...

Let me just start by saying that I LOATH self portraits.  My comfort zone is behind the lens and not in front of it.  There are many reasons not to take self portraits and mine are that I don't like being the subject, they require too much set up, I don't have a remote so that extends the set up, and did I mention that I don't like being the subject. 

I have decided that as a part of this project I am requiring myself to take at least one self portrait each month.  I could never ever make myself do it weekly because that is just an unnecessary form of torture.  I instead think monthly is fair enough as well as deciding to be creative with them.  This time I decided to lay on the wood floor so that I could get my reflection as well.  Since I don't like self portraits I figure coming up with creative ways to take them may make me more comfortable and teach me how to expand my comfort zone.

Here is the shot that I went with.  I choose it because it had the best focus.  Getting the focus right on a self portrait is not an easy task since you can't be behind and in front of the camera at the same time.

Now I much prefer my self portraits or any portraits for that matter to be in black and white.  It is a combination of two things.  First is that black and white hides many flaws and second is that I started my photography experience out as a student of black and white photography.  So to make myself happy I am posting the photo in black and white as well.

That's better...I feel much better about myself now. 

I will share one last photo today.  The focus was WAY off and the sun was too harsh.  I choose a bad time of day for this location but I still love the photo.  Ava LOVES books more than any toy she has.  She will bring you book after book for you to read to her.  She hands you the book and then opens her arms to be picked up.  This book is her favorite book...she even kisses the bunnies as you read.


  1. All 3 are absolutely beautiful!

  2. I agree with Chelsea. And I know what you mean about black and white...I have the same attachment to them in the fact that b&ws hide flaws very well. In fact 97% of my wedding pics are in black and!
    That's so cute that Ava kisses the bunnies <3 She's ADORABLE.