Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day Fourteen

White socks no more...

Today I thought it would be a good idea to let Ava run around outside for a little while before lunch.  I was thinking that she would expend some energy and take a good nap.  She is cutting teeth again so she hasn't been sleeping very well.

Ava has only been walking for a few months and since she started walking it has either been raining or snowing so she hadn't had the opportunity to walk outside yet.  Today was actually a nice day considering how it has been.  So I got Ava dressed and bundled to go out and grabbed my camera as we were heading out the door.  Here is a little breakdown of the things I learned today.

  • Ava does not like to walk when she is in a new or uncomfortable setting.  (I knew this but did not think it applied to the yard)  So that meant that she instead wanted to crawl on the muddy ground.  I was only prepared for muddy shoes which leads me to..
  • Designate play clothes that I don't mind being ruined because they WILL get ruined.  
  • Have a change of clothes ready for when you come in and strip the child of the muddy clothes so the child can be changed right away.  Otherwise you will have to chase a diaper clad child through the house insisting she get dressed.  Why would the child care that it's cold and she needs to wear clothes.
  • Shoes...ugh the shoes.  Buy a pair of tennis shoes with laces that your child can not get off by herself because if she can get them off she will take them off.  Your child does not care that her white socks will never be white again.
  • Also know that your child will immediately go from crawling to running when you try to put her shoe back on.
  • Dogs poop...more specifically they poop everywhere.  So scope out area prior to putting child down to play and you can avoid those close calls. 
  • Lastly, your child will scream and cry when you take her back in because she does not care that she is muddy and soaked and will no doubt catch a cold if she continues to play outside.  
So with all of that said I bring you to the photos of the day.  I only have photos of Ava crawling because when she is on her feet she is fast.  She would run to the big muddy area to sit in it (no idea why) or she would run to the rocks to try to eat them (again no idea why).

The first picture is her sitting to take it all in.

and I leave you with this...her poor sock.

Bleach is my friend...


  1. I love her coat! LOL as FTMs we are ALWAYS learning new things! Hahaha!

  2. Thanks my Mom got it for her at TCP :) She isn't as big of a fan of it. I guess it's too restricting.

  3. I am glad I'm not the only one learning all these things-thanks for sharing your tips!