Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day Nine

Family time...

Today we went to my cousin's son's first birthday party.  I spent most of it following Ava around making sure she didn't get herself into trouble.  She has that skill that one year old's have of finding something to run into, fall into, trip over, fall down, well you get where I am going.  It was nice to be at a family gathering where I did not feel like I had to chase Ava around with a camera.  I remember at Ava's party thinking I did not want to miss a single shot and I came away with a near 500 photos to sort through.  Then after Christmas there was a good 200 or so.

Toward the end of the party Ava was getting sleepy so while my Mom was holding her I ran up and got my camera out of my bag.  I managed to snap a few of everyone around the table.  Of course the photos all had this orange tone to them that I just couldn't seem to correct.  I did a color-cast fix but it just kept washing out the photos.  So then I did some processing and got this pretty cool retro 50's look.  These are those types of photos that I will enjoy looking back on with my grandchildren one day.

This first one is Ava grabbing my Granddad's nose.  Ava was nearing meltdown mode because we had disturbed her nap schedule.  My cousin Amy had that magical touch today and managed to keep her happy for a while.  She had her over playing with Granddad and I'm so glad the shot turned out.  This is definitely one of those priceless ones to be cherished.

Here she is with my Mom relaxing with her foot on the table.


  1. It would be nice if I had that touch with my own kids?! What editing software do you use?

  2. You are really an amazing photographer!

  3. I use's an older version from a few years ago but I love it.

    Thanks everyone!!