Friday, January 8, 2010

Day Eight

Baby it's cold outside...

I have decided that my favorite season has to be fall.  I think the snow is pretty but it's just too cold and you spend too much time inside.  Having a one year old makes things even harder because she's too little to really want to go out and play in the snow. 

Aaron and I will come up with things to do and they end up getting shot down because we realize that it's just TOO COLD.  Then you have the exact opposite problem in the Summer.  It's beautiful out but you can't really do anything because it's so hot and then you add in humidity and that's it I give in.  I hate that feeling of walking outside and being hit in the face by air that is so thick you can barely breath it in and then the sun hits your skin and almost immediately burns it...Ugh!! 

Now spring is beautiful and the colors of the green grass, not yet burned brown by the sun, and the flowers blooming everywhere like earths rebirth.  It is breathtaking but here is my major complaint about spring in Maryland.  It lasts like three weeks maybe when you add it up.  I know technically it is longer than that but by the time it warms up enough to enjoy the outdoors the humidity kicks in.  So my conclusion is that my favorite season has to be fall.  It is beautiful with the colors of the leaves changing and the temperature is perfect.  You can throw on jeans and a sweater or long sleeve shirt and the best part is that I get to choose between super cute boots or flip flops. 

Now for the picture of the day I did manage to brave the temperatures for a good fifteen minutes which was long enough to snap a picture of the steps I about busted myself on while heading out.  The evil beauty of snow melting in below freezing temperatures is the formation of ice.  There is something very beautiful and mysterious about ice but man is it dangerous. 

Surprise Surprise....I couldn't decide.  Would you really expect anything less?!?!


  1. As always awesome job...and your comment about evil beauty had me giggling! This is gorgeous. I'm jealous; we NEVER get winters like this.