Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day Seven

Ants in her pants...

Well, at least it's seems like that is what my child has whenever I try to get her to sit and take a few nice pictures.  That pretty much ended a few months ago.  I miss the days of being able to just prop her up and hand her a toy and be able to just snap as many shots as I wanted.  Gone are the days of laying her on a soft fuzzy blanket and taking photos of her snoozing away.  Well who am I kidding my child has NEVER been a sleeper.  It was more like taking pictures of her looking around the room trying to figure out why the heck I always had that camera in her face.

Ava is one of those kids who loves to make faces and has a boat load of expressions.  I used to be able to catch them but now it seems whenever she sees the camera her face goes blank.  She won't smile, she won't frown, she just stares back into the lens.  Today really was not much different except that today I distracted her with food and cartoons.  She still did not want to smile but I was able to catch her doing her frustrated mad face.  Why you might ask was she frustrated and mad?  Maybe because Mommy kept getting in the way and she couldn't see the cartoons, maybe because I had that stupid camera in her face again while she was trying to eat, or maybe because she decided to be goofy and make her mad face.  If you guessed the third then you're right.

Today felt like a black and white sort of day so I did a B&W conversion on them.  I picked the picture of the day because I loved the way her eyes look.  The catch-lights in them are symmetrical and I love symmetry in photos.  I will however share four more pictures with you so you can see the goofball in action.

Photo of the day...

and the rest...


Mealtime is always entertaining with the little drama queen.


  1. Even in B&W Ava has the most mesmerizing eyes. I get SO lost in them :)

  2. This is awesome!!! She is such a little cutie!

  3. OMG Amanda I LOVE these shots. Ava is so stinkin' cute. These are great!