Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day Six

Tiny fingers and piano keys...

Ava seems to really enjoy music.  She loves to dance and sing and will even play a song for you if you don't mind that it's rather loud and off key.  She surprisingly has good finger placement and makes use of the entire length of the piano.  I am predicting piano lessons in my little girls future.

Ava was having a good ole time playing and was doing much better practicing her art than her Mommy was with hers.  Today was seriously a bad camera day.  This is somewhat like a bad hair day in the sense that nothing seems to work the way you want and everything that could go wrong does.  To start this bad camera day I missed a good shot this morning of Ava pretending to talk on the phone because my battery was dying.  Then fast forward to a charged battery and attempt two which was a bag blowing in the wind outside.  It has been so windy here lately and I thought this would be a good opportunity for a shot to represent that.  Well, my card was full and I had to take time clearing space and while doing that the bag disappeared.  So after lunch Ava busied herself playing with the piano and while I did manage to get some shots in I just couldn't get my rhythm down.  My focus was off, my settings were everywhere but where they should be.  Don't get me wrong like any good Mom I am going to admit that any shots of Ava are too darn cute for words but the motion blur was not what I was going for.  They turned out rather artsy and depicted the motion of a one year old at play so overall I guess am happy.

Here are the two best shots of the day.

This one is way out of focus but her little hands are so cute I just had to share.

Now I will leave you with something a little different...

My friend Chelsea has an amazing blog that I am addicted to following.  I only wish I had the dedication and will power to follow her schedule.  Check out her site to try out some of her recipes and to see her super cute daughter Lucy.  Lucy's pictures have a great way of always making me feel happy.  I think her smile is contagious or something.

Today on Chelsea's blog she added a list of seven random things and passed it on to seven being one of them.  So here is my attempt to follow...

1. I am a middle child.  I have one brother who is four years older than me and one sister who is seven years younger than me.  Not so unique but it is random and I'm sure not all of you knew that about me.

2. I do not own any articles of clothing in yellow or orange.  In fact most of my clothing is black, gray, blue, and purple.  With some pink and green thrown in.

3. I prefer Pepsi to coke.  Pepsi has more carbonation and isn't as least to my taste buds. 

4. I was a blond for most of my childhood and my hair was straight.  Then my hair slowly got darker and darker and it got curly as well.  Oh and another random hair fact is that I was bald until I was two.

5. I did not get my drivers license until I was 17 which was by choice.  I had no desire or need to drive because Aaron was two years older than me and drove everywhere we went.  In fact he still in the "driver".   

6. My favorite subject in school was history.  Aaron and I both travel to a lot of historical places when we have free time.  My favorite books are historical fiction as well as historical non-fiction.

7. I watch an average of 3 new movies a week.  Before having Ava we would go to the movie theater at least four times a month and rent weekly.  Since having Ava we haven't been to the movie theater once.  That is actually kind of pathetic but I just hate leaving Ava behind. 

Now I am supposed to pick 7 people to pass this on to but I'm going to be lazy and open it up to anyone reading this.  Be forewarned that it is kind of hard to come up with random facts about yourself but I would love to read them if you do.


  1. I haven't been to the movies either. Thank you so much, btw.

  2. These are perfect! And, I totally agree...Lucy's smile is absolutely contagious!

  3. Finally I figured out how to post on these things...I have tried a million times.
    Anyhow, I LOVE all your photo's...and you have the perfect model :) It was really neat learning new things about you today.

  4. Yay I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I have a feeling you guys will start to see some random blogging done as well. Don't get me wrong I enjoy taking photos and sharing them but sometimes there isn't much to say with the photo. KWIM