Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Three

Since I was in  middle school I have been jealous of my Sister's beagle Chestnut.  Every morning I would walk past the bay window to go to school and would see him lying in the recliner as comfortable, warm, and cozy as anyone could wish to be.  I used to think, "that dog is so lucky" and loath him as I walked on to the bus stop to go to the place I hated more than any still gives me chills.  When I would return home at the end of the day there he would be in that same recliner.  In fact I'm pretty sure he may have stayed in that spot all day; a king on his throne. 

Well to this day he always seems to find himself the most comfortable seat on the couch.  He has even been known to let you think you have the privilege to have the spot but in secret he is waiting until you warm it just so and then he weasels his way into it.  Here he was basking in the morning sun just this very morning.

...crap he caught me...

...don't worry...he was in no way disturbed by the camera and went right back to sleep.


  1. OMG he is so cute! I love your new header too!

  2. He is truly a cute li'l dude! I love beagles. I want one so badly. Great job capturing him Amanda!

  3. These are great pics of your dog!