Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day Twenty-Three

These boots are made for walkin'...

Today we went to the State fair grounds for the Equestrian show.  My Dad recently started selling featherlite horse trailers (actually all featherlite but he just had the horse kind there) and he was a vendor there so Ava got to see her Granddad and the horses.  Actually Ava kept calling them doggies because apparently all animals are doggies to her.

We had a great time and there was a lot to see.  With it being cold out we don't have a lot of options for activities to do as a family.  We were able to walk around and see all different types of horses, various vendors, there were even shows in the arena and it was all heated.    

Ava fit in with the horse crowd thanks to her Granddad who bought her first pair of pink cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat.  She looked adorable in them.  I tried to get pictures of her and my Dad playing in one of the trailers but she just wouldn't sit still for the camera so I will have to retry that another day.  I did get some shots tonight of the boots and here they are.

and here is Ava playing while we were there...

Thanks Dad for the boots and hat and for showing us around a bit today.  Ava finally got the heel to toe walking in the boots when we got home and was able to walk around in them.


  1. Those are the sweetest boots. I cannot wait to see pics of her in her hat too.

  2. Yep, I can't wait to see her all dolled up in that stuff as well. So cute!