Friday, January 22, 2010

My first fix it Friday!

I decided to try the iheartfaces fix it friday challenge.  Basically they post a picture and open it to everyone to take a stab at correcting or fixing it. 

Here is the original

Here is the first edit

I corrected the levels, adjusted the curves, adjusted the contrast, boosted and warmed the color using color balance and hue/saturation, then did a slight edge burn.


For this one I did the same but softened and muted the color instead of boosting.


  1. I was wondering who those people were-HA!

  2. I know Aaron was like who are the people on the swing...haha

  3. good job..not sure which one I like better but they are both great improvements :)

  4. I think I actually like the second the more I look at them but I'm still not sure.